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Why we are hosting this:

We Are The New World held our first community forum on May 1, 2020. As we closed our 4 hour session, many attendees expressed a desire to continue the conversations that began that day. Dr. Neha Sangwan, one of our featured panelists, volunteered to host a weekly Q&A session on topics to be decided by attendees for the next 5 consecutive weeks. We are humbled by her generosity of spirit and time and invite you to join the conversation by registering via the button above. Learn more about Dr. Sangwan and her work HERE.


Week #1
Effectively Navigating Stress & Anxiety in A Chaotic and Changing World

via ZOOM every Thursday
Dates: 5/14/20 - 6/11/20
Times: 5:00-6:30pm EST


Join our featured panelists and contribute your own insights and expertise to forming the emerging paradigm.

Video Recordings from our 5/1/2020 Forum

WE ARE THE NEW WORLD focuses our events on different tenets of society. Please select 1 of the following Societal Tenets that most interests you or about which you have expertise. This information helps us plan future events.
We will announce details and open registration for our upcoming events on 5/11/2020.
Agritculture/Food Supply
Recreation (Indoors & Outdoors)
Security/Armed Services
Welcome to the new world in which you will be a co-creator and invaluable activist.

"The crucible of a crisis provides the opportunity to forge a better society,

but the crisis itself does not do the work. Crises expose problems, but they do not supply alternatives, let alone political will. Change requires ideas and leadership. Nations often pass through the same kinds of crises repeatedly, either unable to imagine a different path or unwilling to walk it.

There is also a need for new ideas, and the revival of older ideas, about what the government owes the nation’s citizens, what corporations owe employees and what we owe one another."


Meet the Organizers

We are a small but diverse group of friends from across the US and the world that are saddened by the continued loss of of life and absent leadership in this country due to the pandemic but that are also activated and inspired by the crumbling of antiquated societal structures and systems that have for decades enriched and benefitted the very few while enslaving the many. We appreciate the energetic disruption this pandemic has provided and seek to fill the vacuum of leadership with regular citizens who have felt for years that our systemic, societal ills called for a revolution and a massive shift in values and priorities. The founding members of this group are Gautham Dhaliwal, Jessica Ewart, Jayne Gottlieb and Changa Bell although we know there are countless others out there that share our concerns and spirit of activism.

Meet Past Featured Panelists

At our inaugural event on 5/1/2020, we invited our personal friends, colleagues and mentors that we feel represent the diverse components of a healthy society. They were invited based upon their leadership experience and willingness to join this movement in its infancy. Their expertise and insight was exactly what was necessary to catalyze this movement.

Our forums are not intended to drive a particular outcome; we simply feel called to start the process of assembling, organizing and providing the structure necessary to gather people and ACTIVATE them with a common goal. We may never again see such an opportunity to overthrow the old ways of being and to be the architects of a new paradigm and we are ready and willing to voluntarily serve in this capacity. 

It is our deep concern that many people are privately discussing these ideas but have not yet organized or considered how to reach a tipping point where our voices (of which we believe we may be the silent majority) are heard and unified into action. Our featured panelists serve to help us guide a tangible, action-oriented movement.

Why we are hosting this forum

Our group has been gathering in conference calls the past few weeks to discuss the current state of world affairs that has been highlighted by the global pandemic and to share with one another our own views, ideas and hopes for a future cultural shift.

From these conversations, we have realized the need to begin assembling more and more like-minded citizens in an effort to create a unifying message and platform from which we can work in unison to take advantage of this window in time for massive change. We know that a "return to normal" after the threat of the virus subsides would be devastating to the citizens of this country and around the globe.

Your Role as an Attendee & the Format

Our events are interactive. At our first forum, the panelists opened the event with words of inspiration and then we all went to work. Based upon feedback from participants, we have a revised format that devotes more time to the workshop portion of the day. An outline is below:

11:00am - 1:00pm EST
As an attendee, you will be assigned (in equal numbers) to private rooms each moderated by one of the featured panelists. Each forum focuses on a particular tenet of society. The rooms may be further refined to specialities within that tenet. Panelists are selected based upon their areas of expertise.

Within these private rooms, the panelists will engage with and lead your group in developing a unifying priority or platform for that particular societal piece for 2 hours.

1:00 - 2:00pm EST
BREAK - time to grab a snack, reflect on the first half of the day and prepare to work in breakout groups.

Q&A between all panelists and attendees. We realize this is brief but not to worry, when we reconvene, YOU (as the attendee) will begin your role working to co-create the platform.

2:00 - 3:00pm EST
Reconvene. After the break, the entire forum will reconvene with each panelist tasked with presenting their group's findings. There will be 40 minutes allotted to do this. 

The panelists and attendees will work together in real time for the remaining 20 minutes to agree on next steps.  This might mean nominating new panelists for future summits hosted by other concerned citizens. It may include developing a strategy for disseminating the ideas formed at this summit with a path/platform for engagement by more and more people. This portion of the summit will end at 3pm EST with at least one distinct call to action presented to all attendees.

3:00 - 4:00pm EST 
Q&A between all panelists and attendees. We found from our past event that after the workshops ended, and a call to action was decided, there were still lots of questions for our panelists. This is a time devoted to anything that was unresolved from the prior part of the day.

What sets this gathering apart is that you (the attendee) are encouraged and expected to participate in the formation of the new world. You are not attending to be lectured to but rather to be inspired, educated and then called upon to contribute and to keep the movement growing as we refine our cohesive strategy and construct a more just and awakened society together.


What changes in your personal, professional and communal life will you adopt as a result of this time and as action steps towards serving this new world?

What is the most untenable part of the old paradigm that we must release?

Name one, two or more of the core values we must recognize as the foundation for our future.

Who was being served by the old ways of being?

Who will benefit the most from the new ways (if we get this right)?

What is the tipping point for a strategic movement/collaboration that would actually be effective? How can we generate success/longevity for this movement?

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